Monday, March 14, 2016

i dreamed down

i dreamed down to chickens and dirt floors,
to milk bottles and sunlight through cracks
that split the heart like a rooster's single crow could.

i dreamed ecstasy in popscicles, a quarter each
and unlimited potential once you licked through to unlock
the sticky sticks at core.

i dreamed back too
to their lengthening limbs contracted,
to their walled-off minds melting fast like ice-cream.

i dreamed slow and kind of simple-minded.
i dreamed bravely the uncoiling revolution.
i dreamed progress found her right wheels
and her car discovered herself a cart again

and i dreamed that feet through dust was even faster -
the more kinetic mode to get you to the where of it,
the place in the future where because of how low you were
you could see everywhere, everything.

i dreamed the where was here
and the things of what were immaterial.
i dreamed two eggs crated in the palm - how fine they were.